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Frequently asked question on Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

What is root canal treatment (RCT)?

Dentist : Root canal treatment refers to treatment of a tooth that has become infected resulting in pus formation at the root of the teeth causing intense pain and sometimes swelling. This painless procedure/treatment removes the infected nerves and tissues from inside the tooth, hence the tooth can remain in the mouth.

Is RCT a painful procedure?

Dentist : : No not at all, we do RCT with lot of care causing almost no pain to our patients. We give proper sedation before undergoing the treatment hence causing no pain.

How long does it take for Root canal treatment and how many sittings are there?

Dentist : : Root canal treatment is usually done in 2 to 3 sittings, the time for each procedure is approximately 15-20mins.In case of severe infection/swelling we may have to extend the procedure by another sitting

Is RCT 100% successful, will I not have pain anymore from that tooth?

Dentist : There is no chance of having pain after RCT from the tooth, but the procedure has it's own limitations, for it is 97% successful. In JDC till date there is no RCT failure recorded.

Is it necessary to put a cap/crown after R.C.T?

Dentist : Yes it is always advisable to put a crown on a RCT treated tooth, for after RCT the tooth become brittle and has a tendency to fracture so by wearing a cap the tooth retains for long time inside the mouth.

Is Root canal treatment covered under Insurance?

Dentist : Most of the health insurance companies cover for Root canal treatment, please do check with your insurance company for further details.

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