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Dental Treatment For Braces / Clips / Orthodontic

What is orthodontic treatment?

Dentist: Orthodontics deals with correction of irregular teeth structure or malformed teeth to bring about better facial appearance. Depending on the position, various alternatives treatment options are suggested.

What are the type of braces available?

Dentist: Braces can be fixed (Begg's / Straight Wire) or removable type and can be selected based on individual needs. Removable braces are not as effective as fixed type. A variety of materials (conventional to highly cosmetic types) are available in Straight Wire type braces. Cosmetic braces (thin wire, mini diamond, colored, golden etc.) are now highly popular and are imported from USA

How long will orthodontic treatment take?

Dentist: Orthodontic treatment may involve moving a single tooth or it can involve jaw surgery. Usually braces need to be kept for 6 - 15 months with orthodontic adjustments and monitoring every 4 weeks. This is followed by placing a retainer to hold the teeth in their new position for further periods of up to 8 months.

What is the right age for Orthodontic Treatment?

Dentist: Early treatment (11-13 year olds) could result in shorter and less complicated procedure. The treatment attempts to influence bone growth for better and faster results. Treatments for teenagers are also are very effective.(usually the ideal age is 13). Treatments for adults are little longer than for teenagers. However, a vast majority of those taking Orthodontic treatments are still adults, there is No Age Bar to start Orthodontic treatment, just that the teeth should be in a healthy condition.

What is Cost and mode of payment for orthodontic treatment?

Dentist: In Jeevan Dental Clinic the cost of Fixed orthodontic treatment ranges from Rs.10,000 to 15,000 depending the type of technique used. You may pay for the treatment in Easy installments for one year (Rs.1000 only per month).

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