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Isn 't tooth extraction very painful?

Dentist : Tooth extraction is a minor surgical procedure which takes about 10-15 minutes only. Your dentist will apply local anesthesia causing numbness in mouth, hence you will not feel any pain. After the extraction, you will be asked to follow some instructions.

What all dental problems can cause bad breath?

Dentist :Deposition of plaque/calculus on teeth, Gum Swelling, Periodontal Problems, Tooth Abscess, cavities on teeth, and deposition on tongue can cause bad breath. Off course, other than dental problems, bad breath can be caused by throat infection, sinusitis and gastric problems.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dentist : Cosmetic Dentistry deals with improving tooth structure, shape, colour, arrangement and smile design by specialized procedures.

My teeth are discolored. Can it be made to look white? What are the procedures?

Dentist : : Definitely you can make your teeth/tooth white. The teeth can be made to look white by cleaning/polishing and by Bleaching. In certain severe discolored cases other specialized cosmetic procedures may be necessary.

When is tooth extraction necessary?

Dentist : If the tooth is badly infected and root canal treatment is not possible, tooth has to be extracted and also in the cases of impacted wisdom teeth which is causing pain.

Can an Artificial tooth be fixed immediately after extraction/tooth removal?

Dentist : Yes, artificial tooth can be fixed immediately after extraction

What is Cavity and how is it caused?

Dentist : The loss of enamel surface of tooth due to action of plaque/bacteria or due to improper brushing is called cavity. The acid produced by the bacteria attacks the soft inner layer of tooth causing pain. Initially you may find that your tooth is sensitive to cold food, this is a indication that the cavity is deep and may anytime infect your pulp

What are the types of fillings available to treat cavities?

Dentist : There are different types of fillings available in JDC, We have Composite fillings, Silver fillings, Glass ionomer cement(GIC),and Zinc oxide eugenol(temporary filling).

What happens if cavities are left untreated?

Dentist : In periodic time bacteria could infect the inner pulp of teeth and destroy nerves causing intense pain and swelling. Then it would require root canal therapy or may have to remove the tooth so it always advisable to get your cavities filled to the earliest.

Why is my teeth sensitive to hot, cold or sweet food? What should I do?

Dentist :The Tooth/Teeth sensitivity could be due to gum recession which exposes small areas of root surface. Sensitivity may also be due to loose filling or Decayed tooth. Please consult your Dentist to the earliest to prevent any further damage to your tooth.

What is the right age to start brushing for kids/babies?

Dentist : There is no such age limit to start brushing your child's teeth, once a tooth erupts in the child's mouth, it has to be cleaned everyday either by a brush or soft cloth.

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